MuseLaa Fitness was founded by fitness owner and website creator Leopold Ashley 3rd.  Leopold wanted to create a website atmosphere where people can use their motivation and take time to be educated by fitness from the website and never feel rushed.  Lot’s of people fail in fitness because they want to change in months where lots of time it takes years for them to improve themselves by | Fitness | Mind | Body | Goals |
Leopold played hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball & fitness in his lifestyle.  His goal to from a young age to growth was to become a great fitness guy that can still play sports he loves playing as he ages.  

  1. Leopold was born in Kingston, Jamaica where his family lives but his mom raised him in the great state of Minnesota.  Minnesota is very cold and that’s why Leopold started off by playing hockey. If it’s freezing cold , let’s play hockey and be cold also.  The state of Minnesota created Leopold Ashley III and developed him to the person he is today who specializes in website development and fitness where he develops his body as a long term journey.  After playing over 20 years of sports in Minnesota, Leopold learned what it takes to be a top quality athletes, he understands how much effort you have to put into the sport your playing, he understood the weight lifting, stretching and cardio you have to make as a lifestyle if you want to be great.  Soo many people want the easy access to being great and that’s never true, you have to give it your all everyday and for years on a consistent basis if you want to be great in the sport you want to play.  

Leopold played his first sport in Minnesota as a hockey player and loved the sport and loved skating on the ice.  He remembers the cold games that were played outside in Minnesota and that helped him grow mentally and physically.

This is a picture of Leopold Jr and Leopold 3rd in Kingston, Jamaica.  We lost Leopold Jr in 2008 to cancer but his son Leopold 3rd is still taking on life 1 day at a time by always given his best.  

2 special shirts and the gray one from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School.  The red shirt is from St Cloud State University and Leopold played football at both schools where he gave his best, he learned how to become better 1 day at a time.  

Leopold Ashley played college football at St Cloud State University in Minnesota.  He walked on at a tryout with 100 people and he made the team with 1 other person.  This school brought the best out of Leopold because as a young man, he had to deal with being a student athlete and a dad.  Leopold dealt with his father dying and still going to practice and games and still giving the University his “ALL” and not falling down because of the death of his father.  After Leopold finished playing football with the University, he became a defensive line coach with Steve Gremit, who coached him and Grimit was the best.  Leopold learned so much on teaching athletes to become the best and to believe in themselves, he taught him about fitness and how it makes the athletes become great and the most important thing was coach Grimit taught Leopold to show up everyday and to be the best that he can be everyday and Leopold was able to use the gifts in his current life and will never give it up.

Welcome everyone my name is Leopold Ashley III and I’m a athlete, exercise specialist, motivator, coach and more.  If your looking to connect because your an athlete who has questions and wants to improve, your wanting to lose weight, you want to gain muscle and need to speak to someone who can help you out.  Fill out the form below and I will get in contact with  you in 72 business hours.